ARBinocular - Augmented Reality for nautical navigation

Project Description

Augmented Reality is the combination of the reality with supplementary information.
To reach an immersible experience, the pose of the user and the viewing angle must be accurately known.
In this project we develop an new device dealing with the assistance of nautical
officers in any kind of conditions. This system provides additionally combined information displayed
in realtime into the real environment and allows the user to directly
detect navigational objects in the whole field of view and call up necessary information.

Research Focus

Topics of the project are:

  1. Camera pose estimation
  2. GPS/AIS integration
  3. IMU and camera fusion
  4. Marker Tracking
  5. Kalman-Filtering for ship movements
  6. Kalman Filtering for human orientation
  7. statistic object detection and classification of beacons with learning algorithms
  8. delay management
  9. calibration of a multi sensor device an non overlapping camera views

Multi Camera System

Learnable Object Recognition


You can download the extension files (and a table with the ENC<>CityGML mappings soon here)


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