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MIP Multi-Camera Calibration

The software is maintained by Ingo Schiller, please contact him of you have any questions or encounter errors. Please read the instructions in the previous pages before using the software and keep in mind that although the software delivers very precise results it is not a commercial product and errors may occur.

If you encounter an error executing the application, install the Microsoft Redistributable package, either from the start menu or download it here. This brings the necessary DLLs.

Version 1.0.0:

Windows 7: MIPMultiCameraCalibration-1.0.0.zip (use setup.exe to install!)

Changes to 0.9.2:

  • A lot of small bugfixes.
  • New versions of third party libraries such as GSL and LAPACK are now used which probably caused crashes on previous versions.


  • If images such as jpg, png, etc. are used which are loaded using ImageMagick it is essential that the correct libraries are used. Especially only (!) the correct IM_MOD_RL_xxx_.dll libraries are allowed in the path. If there are any other of these libraries in the paths, the application will crash while loading images.

Version 0.9.2

Windows 7: MIPMultiCameraCalibration-0.9.2.zip (use setup.exe to install!)

Changes to 0.9.1:

  • Now writes log messages and intermediate calibration files into user data folder.
  • New checkerboard detector which is more reliable on images with strong distortions (select Crossfilter in Corners menu).
  • New silent mode without annoying message boxes for unsupervised calibration.
  • Small bugfixes.


  • see version 1.0.0

Version 0.8.12:

Windows XP: MIPMultiCameraCalibration0.8.12.zip

Ubuntu 8.10: MIPMultiCameraCalibration0.8.12.deb (experimental!)
Installs itself in /usr/local/bin/, executables are 'MIPMultiCameraCalibration','biasviewwx' and 'biasshowepiwx'.

OpenSuse 11.1, 32 Bit: MIPMultiCameraCalibration-0.8.12-1.i586.rpm (experimental!)
Installs itself in /usr/local/bin/, executables are 'MIPMultiCameraCalibration','biasviewwx' and 'biasshowepiwx'.

Changes to 0.8.10:

  • Now shows in the image list frame which image are already handled.
  • Fixed bug in display of depth deviation parameters.
  • Rotate corners which are detected inverse.
  • Autoskip feature for faster calibration (select Auto Invalidate Images in Corners menu).
  • Refine corners with corner detector (experimental!).

All downloads are ZIP files containing an installation package which should work on all Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7) computers.

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