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Programming exercises:

Submission of solutions and programs latest on Mondays 8:00 via e-mail to mmc-submission at mip.informatik.uni-kiel.de


These Java-courses will be used:

  • Slides for own Java-tutorial (pdf)
  • A more detailed Java-course, slides by Dave Clausen. Based on the Book
    "Fundamentals of Java: Comprehensive, Second Edition by Kenneth Lambert, Martin Osborne, 2002".

Other stuff (needed for the exercises):

  • Download Java JDK 5.0 Update 13 at java.sun.com (JDK 5.0)
  • java3d API V1.4.0 that include the classes GMatrix and GVector. Take a look for the download link (without registering) for your preferred OS.
  • Download Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (supports Java SDK 5.0) for your preferred OS at www.eclipse.org
  • Help for installing Java and Eclipse will be provided during the first exercise lesson

Exercises and source code:

Will be available soon


  • Additional information on photometric units like "luminance" or "luminous intensity" can be found here


  • Comprehensive and absolutely necessary Documentation of all Java classes at java.sun.com
  • Sun Developer Network - The Java Tutorial
  • B. Eckel, Thinking in Java, 4th edition, Prentice Hall, 2006 (free online)
  • G. Krüger, Handbuch der ))Java-Programmierung, 4th edition,?Addison-Wesley((, 2006 (german - free online)

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