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Welcome to the home page of the "Sky Spy" - An airborne Bayesian colortracking project! This project set it's goal in developing a model helicopter which is designed to be used for professional photo and motion picture production. The project started at the University of Kiel in spring 2004 with support from the "Technologiestiftung Schleswig-Holstein"

Project Goal:

Develop a model helicopter with a mounted camera that automatically centers a defined object in the center of the camera view.

Previous Work:

Approaches to combine professional cameras with model helicopters have been made before, for example www.flying-cam.com used model helicopters to produce sequences for Hollywood productions and commercials.



Ingo Schiller:
Scientific assistant at University of Kiel
ischiller_ at _mip.informatik.uni-kiel.de
Stefan Bootz:
Professional photographer &
model helicopter pilot
bootz_ at _hochzwei.net
Felix Woelk:
Former scientific assistant at University of Kiel
woelk _@_ mip.informatik.uni-kiel.de

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