Dipl.-Ing. Jan Woetzel

I am project coordinator at MeVis Medical Solutions AG since 2009. Please check up my LinkedIn or Xing profile to keep in touch with me.

Skype ID: jwoetzel75


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Calibration - 3D feature point cloud
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Depth - Estimation and density fusion
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Virtual views - 3D modeling and rendering

Focus of research

  • Visual computing
  • Computer vision, computer graphics, multi-modal image processing,
  • 3d reconstruction: structure from motion, geometric and photometric calibration,
  • Dense multi-stereo depth estimation, in particular real-time algorithms and implementations,
  • Registration and matching,
  • High performance computing exploiting parallel and streaming hardware architectures,
  • Optical imaging for broadcasting, industrial measuring and medical applications

3D reconstruction of natural scenes in a scalable fashion between full geometric 3D and image based plenoptic modelling.

My current research is on realtime and near-realtime 3D reconstruction from optical images exploiting current parallel multi- and many core architectures.
Particularly graphics processors (graphics cards/GPU) are used for high performance stream computing and useful to keep the CPU free for other tasks.
Im am technically using CUDA and the shader languages Cg from Nvidia Corp. and glSlang together with OpenGL API on the MS Windows and Linux platforms.

I am interested in wearable computers for Augmented Reality and interactive rendering - another hot topic with our interactive stereo visualization (multimedia lab). cool

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