Multimedia Communications

Masters course

Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhard Koch

Exercises: Dipl.-Inf. Arne Petersen

ECTS Credits: 4

Lecture: 2 SWS

Time and Place: Di-Fr,Mo: 9:15 - 15:00 h, LMS2-R Ue1 (dates lecture: 27/3/2012 to 2/4/2012)

Exercises: 1 SWS

Time and Place: Di-Fr,Mo: 15:15 - 16:45 h, LMS2-R Ue1 (dates exercise: 27/3/2012 to 2/4/2012)


The topic of the lecture will be the basics of human audiovisual perception and applications in coding and compression of audiovisual data.

Topics are among others:

  • Human audiovisual perception.
  • Digital signal processing for audio and video signals.
  • Compression techniques for audiovisual data such as JPEG and MPEG.

Parts of the exercises will be about implementing some of the presented algorithms in Matlab.



Prof. Dr.-Ing Reinhard Koch

Dipl.-Inf. Arne Petersen

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